anime: Ah yes, the beach episode!
cartoons: Ah yes, the episode where a character gets shrunken down and sent into another character to explore their body!


Egyptian mythology is best mythology



theres nothing worse than when youre playing league and someone decides to act like the main character in a shonen anime and say shit like “i ll never back up from a fight!” like way to second hand embarrass the entire earth

wowcrendor: what's your opinion on elevators?
Jesse Cox: they get me up when i'm feeling down


Wizard: Are you seriously suggesting you attempt to seduce a succubus?

Rogue: Yes.

League related asks

1: Summoner Name?
2: What got you into League? When?
3: Would you go as far as saying League changed your life? For better or worse?
4: Favourite champion?
5: First champion?
6: Least Favourite champion?
7: Who is the most misunderstood champion?
8: Who is the most overrated champion?
9: Who is the most underrated champion?
10: Which champion would you hate fighting against if they were real?
11: Which champion would you hate fighting with on your team if they were real? Which would you love?
12: What champion can you most relate to? If any?
13: Do you ship any of the champions? Who?
14: Which champion do you want to learn more about, lore wise?
15: Roles you can play? Which do you prefer?
16: First role learned?
17: First skin?
18: Favourite skin?
19: Least favourite skin?
20: How much money have you spent on League? Did you ever expect to spend that much?
21: Biggest in-game peeve?
22: How do you deal with toxic players, personally?
23: Favourite piece of fancreation?
24: Favourite League Merch? Do you own any? Do you want any?
25: Favourite League Fan-creator?
26: Favourite Pro-team?
27: Favourite Pro-Player?
28: Favourite website for Info on League?
29: Favourite song to listen to while playing?
30: Best League related youtube video?
31: Which champion and/or skin do you want to buy next?


overhearing a conversation about pokemon more like